Montgomery and Bucks County Adoption Attorney

For people who want to have an addition to their family, especially for those who are unable to have children on their own, adoption can be the most joyful experience of their entire lives. We guide couples through the entire adoption process from the beginning until they are successful with their adoption process. Our lawyer helps dreams of adopting become real by filing and managing all adoption legal documentation.

Adoption is a complex legal process that significantly impacts the lives, rights, and responsibilities of all the parties concerned. We assist with stepparent adoptions, grandparent or other relative adoptions, foster parent adoptions, private adoptions as well as international adoptions. With newborn and international cases, we even help obtain new birth certificates.

Our founding attorney, Michelle A. Winter, is a committed family law attorney with more than 19 years of experience. We can confidently handle all of the legal requirements necessary to formalize an adoption. We take a lot of pride in helping to build and grow families.

We serve a wide variety of clients under various circumstances including:

• Birth parent representation and relinquishment
• Adoption agency representation, licensing and general counsel
• Contested adoptions
• Interstate adoptions
• International adoptions
• Independent direct placement
• Indian Child Welfare Act adoptions
• Step-parent adoption
• Grandparent and other relative adoptions
• Special needs adoptions
• Foster care adoptions
• Disrupted adoptions

To schedule a free consultation with attorney Michelle A. Winter, contact us online or call our office at 215-822-5266. For your convenience, evening appointments are available.