Child Custody

Montgomery and Bucks County Child Custody Attorney

If you are having child custody or visitation issues, contact our child custody attorney Michelle A. Winter, Esquire today to discuss the best legal strategy for your situation. Our family law attorney has 19 years’ experience dealing with custody matters throughout Montgomery and Bucks County in Pennsylvania.

When it comes to your child, we know that emotions of the parties involved are high and every decision matters. Child custody is one of the most sensitive subjects in regards to separation and can lead to strong disagreements between spouses. The constant fighting can be very traumatic for a child especially when dealing with their parent’s divorce so it is imperative to make the process as smooth as possible.

The Legal Aspects of a Child Custody Case

The court takes many things into consideration when deciding the outcome of a child custody case. In a child custody case, the child or children involved are always put as the most important aspect, but parents and the marriage are also taken into consideration.

Some factors that are considered in a child custody case are:

• The wishes of the child
• The past family situation
• Involvement of both parents in the past
• Any presence of alcohol or drugs
• The best interest of the child
• The positive and negative effects of each arrangement

If you are going through a divorce and find yourself arguing over child custody, it is imperative that you contact our child custody lawyer immediately. We understand how emotionally difficult it can be fighting for custody of your children, and we will give your case the attention it deserves. To schedule a free consultation with Michelle A. Winter, contact us online or call our office at 215-822-5266. For your convenience, evening appointments are available.