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Dear clients, friends, and colleagues:

We are virtually open for business according to the State's guidelines. Each member of our team is working remotely in order to maintain social distancing and to keep the health and welfare of our clients, staff and the entire community our top priority. However, as per the Governor's Order, our physical location is closed until further notice by the State.

Please do not worry as our firm has been operating virtually through our cloud-based system for years. We can and will continue to provide uninterrupted, confidential service to all clients. We have various options for communications to fit your legal needs. We are offering phone or video conferencing for consultations and meetings with the attorneys. If you are in need of an appointment or new consultation, please call 215-822-5266, e-mail or send a message via Mycase and one of our staff members will be available to help you.

As you are likely aware, the County Courts are closed for most hearings and public access. However, they are open for some matters such as filings, emergencies and PFA's. We are still able to electronically file divorce complaints, petitions for support, prepare custody and marital settlement agreements, petitions for custody, prepare will packages, etc. and continue to help our clients through their most challenging times. Please call the office to discuss your needs and how to handle your case during the health crisis.

As information is changing on a daily basis, please contact us if you need clarification or have questions or concerns and we will navigate you through this challenging time.

Sincerely, the staff at Winter Law & Associates, P.C.

Michelle A. Winter, Esquire - [email protected]
Liam J. Duffy, Esquire - [email protected]
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Montgomery and Bucks County DUI/DWI Attorney

The outcome of a DUI defense can have a long-term effect on anyone’s life, making the decision of whether or not you should obtain legal representation, an easy one. The fact is, most people accused of a DUI are first offenders with no criminal background.

Whether this is your first run in with the law or you have had previous convictions, you will need help from an aggressive DUI defense attorney and the attorneys at Winter Law & Associates, P.C., will fight for your rights.

A fist-time DUI arrest can have devastating effects on many aspects of your life. This may be your first experience dealing with police and the entire court system in Montgomery and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The penalties for a DUI in PA can be severe. The charges and fines can greatly impact your ability to get to work or school, apply for insurance, and/or make it difficult to get a job.

The DUI process is can be confusing. Knowing the process and what you are facing is necessary in order to fight for the best possible outcome.  Just because you have been arrested, does not mean you have no options.  Let us help you navigate the court process.

With the attorneys at Winter Law & Associates, P.C., you will have an experienced, understanding attorney in your corner who understands the ins and outs of DUI laws.  Having a reputable attorney by your side could help you get approved for the ARD Program, keep your driver’s license, reduce your charges or even have them dismissed.

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, call 215-822-5266 and we can make this process easier on you. Call or e-mail to speak with our skilled attorneys, Michelle A. Winter or Liam J. Duffy, who can walk you through and defend you against any DUI charge you are facing.

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We are here to help you. With decades of family law experience on your side, you can rest easier knowing that you have the support you need to protect what is most important to you.
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