An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community, I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer who knows the law and truly cares about protecting the rights of her clients and getting them the most favorable result possible.

John O'Brien
Personal Injury Attorney

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle as opposing counsel in a family law case. Most importantly, Michelle is upfront and honest. She is extremely pragmatic and realistic with her requests and because of this her clients tend to think about a case logically as well. All in all, Michelle is a pleasure to work with.

Family Attorney

Michelle is smart, prepared, and pleasant. Clients can expect excellent results with a minimum of acrimony, expense, and drama.

David Keightly
Family Attorney

Michelle and her team have been nothing but excellent. Professionalism with the human touch. From the first time I met Michelle, she was upfront, honest and made an aspect of a very difficult time in my life as easy as possible. Her caring nature was always looking out for my best interest and what I appreciated the most was no “Bull”, even if it wasnt the best news. I would highly recommend Michelle.

5.0 stars

Michelle handled my case with 1st class professionalism. She fought for me for what she thought was right and fair. I continue to use Michelle for my case to this day making educated decisions based off Michelle’s suggestions.If you need a 1st class, knowledgeable and attentive lawyer that pays attention to detail, Michelle is the one for you! 5 stars across the board from me.

5.0 stars

I have referred about 5 women so far to Michelle because she handled my divorce & subsequent questions after the fact so wonderfully. She knows her stuff, as does her staff, and along with being a sharp, knowledgeable attorney she handles the emotional stuff like a pro too !! I’d feel confident referring anyone to Michelle. And will be using her again for some stuff in the near future.

5.0 stars

Divorce is a situation that can become financially and mentally daunting. Lawyers can make the situation more volatile and cause the expense of the process to become more expensive. The plaintiffs and defendants can also cause the expense to increase. If everyone is not working together to move towards a reasonable agreement then it can become years of distress. Michelle is not trying to increase expense and is always trying to watch out for the best interest of everyone. She collaborates with everyone and that is important!!!! She is held in high regard in the Montgomery County Court system and has a tremendous amount of integrity and she deserves that respect. Michelle wants to eliminate/minimize the drama and get the situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Her staff is outstanding and have to deal with many difficult issues and they have the experience and education to support Michelle. Her paralegal is one of the best that I have met. They are all terrific people who are a team dedicated to everyone’s well being. I appreciated all they did for me during such a difficult time. They were responsive, supportive, informative, collaborative, and got the job done at each step of the process.

5.0 stars